Values are the cornerstone of Eusider Group’s company culture

Values are the cornerstone of Eusider Group’s company culture

An ethical approach and a well-thought code of ethics have been guiding Eusider Group’s business operations and company culture since its inception. The core values of the group are as follows:

  • Team synergy
  • Legality and impartiality
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Loyalty and trust
  • Meritocracy and developing our people
  • Confidentiality and privacy

At Eusider Group we strive every day to put our values into practice by taking concrete and substantial actions that underpin the group’s robust foundations, as follows:

  • Preventing conflicts of interests
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Protecting the environment
  • Promoting fair competition
  • Preventing bribery and money-laundering
  • Mitigating cybersecurity risk
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Fair management of public money

Our Code of Conduct

In accordance with the ethical principles that underpin the group’s business culture, in 2018 each company adopted a Collective Code of Conduct aimed at clearly documenting the behavioural standards that must be followed by anyone who belongs to, represents, or engages with Eusider Group in any capacity.
Download the code of conduct

Putting people first

At Eusider Group we strive every day to be recognised by the steel market and by the local communities as an example of transparency, as a conduit of values, and as facilitators of local empowerment.

With this in mind, the company takes any community complaints that they may receive very seriously, and you can rest assured that we will respond promptly and with a positive and flexible attitude.

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