Local environment

Valuing our environment

All Eusider Group’s companies constantly engage with the local communities and governments to subsidise a range of projects in multiple fields (charity, sports, sustainability).

Since 2021, Eusider Group has been sponsoring We Will Care, a charity born in 2016 to offer free psychological support to cancer patients, their families, and nurses, hence valuing the resources and autonomy of patients and former patients.


Valduce Foundation

For a number of years, Eufrasio Anghileri has been president of the Valduce Foundation, which was established in 1996 to support and promote research initiatives undertaken by the Valduce Hospital in Como.

Villa Beretta, a facility of the Valduce Hospital situated in Costa Masnaga, is devoted to rehabilitative medicine, and has implemented a series of interdisciplinary, translational research projects aimed at improving the quality of life of disabled patients.

These research activities are aimed at developing methodologies and technologies that can be used across a range of rehabilitation programmes, with particular reference to disabilities caused by traumatic or vascular injuries, as well as by genetic disorders of the nervous system.

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