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Comprehensive solutions


Coils are our core business. They are available in a range of qualities and forms manufactured to customer requirements.
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At Eusider Group we offer a wide range of coil sheets and strips made to our clients’ exact specifications. They are available in various sizes, either standard (off-the-shelf) or tailor-made.
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Re-rolled products

Division specialised in cold rolling. At Eusider Group we offer a wide range of re-rolled products. It is also possible to adjust the technical specifications of these products upon request.
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Stainless steel

At Eusider Group we supply an increasingly wider range of stainless-steel products, which can be purchased in coils, strips or sheets depending on our clients’ needs.
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Heavy plates and thermal cutting

At Eusider Group we offer an extensive range of heavy plates, off-the-shelf or cut-to-size using various fabrication techniques.
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Seamless tubes and bars

At Eusider Group we provide a comprehensive range of long products, including seamless tubes and bars, as well as an extensive experience in cutting and profiling services.
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Welded pipes

At Eusider Group we manufacture ERW tubes (hot rolled, cold rolled, and coated). Our business partner Bidue Eusider Srl, Profiltubi SpA and OMV Ventura Spa have gained certifications, which are necessary requirements to achieve sustainable and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices.
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Eusider Group produces and distributes thin tinplate products for the food and beverage industry. Tinplate is best suited for crown caps, packaging solutions, easy-open lids and much more.
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Wire rod

At Eusider Group we provide various types of low and high-carbon wire rod with varying diameters.
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Raw materials

At Eusider Group we provide various types of raw materials, including cast iron, ferroalloys, foundry coke, hb and scrap metal.
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B2B Eusider – Leaders in the steel industry

Our e-store holds a wide range of stock products with a fast delivery service and a complete satisfaction guarantee.

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03/05/2024 + 1000 TONS COILS DAL PRONTO!

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Our mission

Eusider Group is deeply invested in environmental sustainability and ESCO issues and is keen to do its part to protect the natural surroundings in which it operates. As a testament to this commitment, our 2021-2022 sustainability report lists all our initiatives aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our activities.

Our bond

High-quality teamwork, coupled with the expertise and the experience brought in by the 900 collaborators of Eusider Group are vital assets that enable us to provide technical support on a daily basis while also ensuring that the products, the services and the types of fabrication we offer are always to the highest quality standards.

Meet our people

Eusider Group is led by the Anghileri family who boast four generations of experience in the steel industry and are driven by a compelling vision and a robust set of values.
Ethics and Governance

group companies

A robust synergy

Eusider SpA

The parent company is a large steel service centre specialising in the automotive and domestic appliance sectors.

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Metall Steel Metaltubi

Metal Steel - Metaltubi was born in 2022 from the merger of Metal Steel Srl and Metaltubi Srl. Leveraging combined know how and over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of tubes, this newly formed company can be considered a key player across the national market.

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Iron Service

Founded in 1995 and part of Eusider Group since 2010, Iron Service is a steel service centre specialising in the pickling and cutting of steel sheets. With its strategic location, it stands out as a fast and efficient logistics partner.

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Lima Eusider

Founded in 1948, Lima Eusider Srl is a historic brand specialising in the cold rolling of coils and paying particular attention to the quality of raw materials and production standards.

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Comal Ferlatta

With over 30 years of experience in the steel industry, Comal Ferlatta SpA is a service centre specialising in the surface treatment of coils. Part of Eusider Group since 2016, it performs the manufacturing and marketing of cut-to-size flat profiles, strips and cut lengths.

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Eusider Inox

Established in 2016, Eusider Inox Srl undertakes the manufacturing and marketing of stainless steel, boasting a wide range of capabilities and forms suitable for a number of applications and catering to various industry sectors.

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BIDUE Eusider

BIDUE Eusider has played a prominent role in the production of carbon-steel tubes since 1981, epitomising quintessential Italian quality across the world. Part of Eusider Group since 2021, it contributed to expanding our product and service line.

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Eusider Tinplate

Created in 2021, Eusider Tinplate manufactures and sells tinplate products, thus contributing to forming important partnerships and specialising in the packaging sector.

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Eusider Alloy Materials

Eusider AM deals with the manufacturing and marketing of high-alloy steels, tool steels and high-speed steels.

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Eusider Heavy Plates

Established in late 2023, Eusider Heavy Plates specialises in the manufacturing of off-the-shelf and cut-to-size heavy plates. Thanks to its collaboration with a range of certified suppliers, Eusider Heavy Plates provides an extensive range of steel products.

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Founded in Reggiolo (RE) in 1971 and acquired by Eusider Group in early 2024, Profiltubi is one of the reference companies in the Italian market for the production and marketing of carbon steel welded tubes.

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OMV Ventura

Established in 1961 and acquired by Eusider Group in early 2024, OMV Ventura is one of the reference companies in the Italian market for the production and marketing of carbon steel welded tubes.

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