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At Eusider Group you are in great company

At Eusider Group, creating a welcoming work environment where everyone can thrive is a top priority. We want everyone to feel part of a community and to work in a safe and healthy workplace. At the same time, we strive to enable our employees to grow their talents, and maintain a good work-life balance, as we want to make them feel that they are being recognized as contributing members of a shared enterprise.

diversity and inclusion

United and strong

At Eusider Group we firmly believe that promoting gender equality is crucial not only to maintain an inclusive work environment but also to foster the Group’s professional development. Diversity and inclusion are essential to the creation of a stimulating work environment with a competent workforce. This is why over 100 collaborators across the Group’s 10 companies come from 18 different countries. Moreover, in 2022 Eusider Group was awarded the Gender Equality certification.

Safety first

Eusider Group boasts over 900 collaborators working across the company’s 18 manufacturing sites. Operating in highly safe and livable working environments, they contribute their experience to ensuring that the products, services, and fabrications they deliver are always of the highest quality.

Over the years, Eusider Group has invested significantly to improve health and safety in the workplace to achieve zero-harm. By the same rationale, over the coming years, the Group is looking to adopt a comprehensive health and safety policy and management system that will cover all staff members in accordance with the ISO 45001 certification.

professional development

Fostering a growth culture

At Eusider Group we regard continuous professional development as a top priority to foster a growth culture. We place particular emphasis on training our workforce on health and safety matters as part of a broader on-the-job training programme, which also includes a wealth of CPD opportunities.

Eusider Group has also implemented an employee rewards programme, which grants an annual bursary to support an employee’s children through secondary school and/or university.
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