A family-run business

The governance of Eusider Group, headed by the Anghileri family, is geared to treating all their collaborators and stakeholders with the same level of integrity and transparency.

The company’s strategic vision for long-term sustainable development is firmly rooted in the solidity of the founding family, which provides the continuity needed to make long-term and large-scale decisions.

Our Leadership

Eufrasio Anghileri
Deputy executive officer
Giacomino Anghileri
Deputy executive officer
Eufrasio Anghileri Jr.
Deputy executive officer
Roberto Vitali
Chairman of the Board of Directors and legal representative

An imperishable vision

The goals set by the group’s leadership are geared toward the optimisation of production activities and the strengthening of the synergy among the various members of the group.

This keen focus on innovation and sustainability fits in with the group’s plans for growing and developing their business model so that we may be prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the future.
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