Ensuring product sustainability

Conscious of our pivotal role within the steel supply chain, at Eusider Group we are committed to handling every stage of the production process as responsibly as we can, from material sourcing to delivering the finished product using eco-friendly packaging solutions. In so doing, all our clients can always rest assured that our products are sustainable and low impact, yet without compromising on quality.


Eusider Group’s quality management system

At Eusider Group, we adopted a quality management system based on ISO 9001, a globally recognized standard for quality management. The presence of a quality manager working at each of our manufacturing sites, plus an integrated management system, and a flexible and synergistic system architecture enable us to adopt best practices to achieve the following goals:

  • Deliver products and/or services that meet customer needs and comply with all the relevant standards for quality and safety;
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • Ensure continuous improvement.

supply chain

Managing the supply chain

At Eusider Group we boast an extensive product range, a flexible fabrication service and a fast delivery service, and we source raw materials from the best steel plants worldwide. We are therefore able to provide customised and high-quality steel products to meet the needs of every single customer.

At Eusider Group we source our steel mainly from Italy, Switzerland, India, UAE, Ukraine, China, Germany and Turkey. We accurately select all our suppliers based on the quality, environmental and social certifications they are able to provide.


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