Environmental impact

A sustainable policy

At Eusider Group, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in our company ethos. Our sustainable environment policy is meant to help us achieve technical excellence, maintain high standards of quality and safety, protect the environment, and become energy efficient, while also educating and engaging all our stakeholders on sustainability issues and solutions.

focus - Ostiglia

Our manufacturing site in Ostiglia

Our new industrial plant in the municipality of Ostiglia will group the four operational sites of the MetallSteel-Metaltubi S.r.l. division in the same location. This will improve productivity and reduce the environmental impact of transport logistics.

Thanks to the plant’s strategic location, it will be possible to transport products and raw materials by rail, hence reducing carbon emission significantly. Moreover, the plant’s proximity to Canal Bianco will make it easier to rely on barge transportation and mitigate traffic impacts.

It is vitally important to safeguard the physical features and the ecosystems of the area where the industrial estate is located. This project provides opportunities to think through environmental sustainability issues as well as the development of new technical solutions aimed at maximising energy efficiency and optimising the use of renewable energy sources.
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At Eusider Group, our environmental strategy is based on the following principles:

  • Optimise the use of renewable energy sources and natural resources;
  • Minimise negative environmental impacts and maximise the positive ones;
  • Promote a culture of environmental responsibility;
  • Foster continuous environmental improvement;
  • Adopt sustainable procurement policies.

ways of working

At Eusider Group, we have adopted a range of measures aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

  • Upgrading the existing lighting at manufacturing sites with more energy-efficient LEDs;
  • Monitoring the intensity of carbon emissions, in accordance with the GRI standards;
  • Safe disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Optimising water consumption through an appropriate monitoring strategy;
  • Implementing measures to reduce noise pollution;
  • Planting trees around our manufacturing sites.
Raising environmental awareness

A collective circle

To help foster a culture of environmental awareness in the workplace, at Eusider Group we have distributed reusable water bottles and installed water fountains across all our offices and industrial plants. Moreover, we are looking to organise plogging events in the parks and/or green areas around our manufacturing sites with a view of promoting a healthy lifestyle and bettering the environment in which we operate.

The hazelnut grove

For a number of years, the Anghileri family has grown a hazelnut grove situated in the municipality of Costa Masnaga. To date, it covers an area of 15 hectares and has 6,450 hazelnut trees, a type of plant which has acclimatised very well to the ecosystem of the Brianza area.

Not only does this project represent an opportunity to foster economic development in the local area but also to revitalise the vacant land around Eusider Group’s headquarters, thus preserving it from abandonment.
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