Ethics and Governance


A forward-looking leadership

At Eusider Group, we are looking to modernise and streamline the ways in which we manage manufacturing operations, business strategies, and coordination between offices and production units. A competent and forward-looking leadership enables the group to lead the way in the steelmaking industry and forecast future scenarios, while ensuring that key elements such as innovation, sustainability, and workforce development are not a distant goal but a daily practice that can guide the company’s economic development.

Our shared values

In 2018, Eusider Group adopted a Collective Code of Conduct aimed at clearly documenting the behavioural standards that must be followed by anyone who engages with the group in any capacity, whether it’s employees, directors and other stakeholders, or external stakeholders such as customers, business partners, suppliers, consultants, and public bodies.

At Eusider Group, successful adherence to said Code of Conduct comes from a combination of effective leadership and a healthy organizational structure. The code itself expresses a set of shared values that are upheld by all the group members and collaborators.
Download the code of conduct

modello 231

A highly ethical company

Eusider Group is a highly ethical company, which takes its corporate social responsibilities towards customers, collaborators, suppliers, and members of the local community very seriously. As a testament to this, we have adopted the so-called modello 231 (ex. legislative decree 231/2001), a compliance programme that sets the legal and ethical boundaries within which the group’s leaders and collaborators operate.

At Eusider Group we strive every day to be recognised by the local communities as facilitators of local empowerment. With this in mind, the company takes any community complaints of whatsoever nature very seriously.
Download the modello 231


Are you a witness or victim of an act or behavior that violates the Code of Ethics, Model 231, codes of conduct adopted in antitrust matters, internal regulations, applicable laws and regulations, or otherwise conduct likely to cause harm or prejudice to Eusider?
Make a report.

Whistleblowing is a report made by a person who, in the work context, becomes aware of violations of national or European Union regulatory provisions that harm the public interest or the integrity of the public administration or private entity (Legislative Decree 24/2023)
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