Eusider for future

green economy

Committed to circularity

At Eusider Group we firmly believe that innovation, technology, quality, and a qualified workforce are what enables us to create steel products that have a competitive edge and the lowest environmental impact.

All Eusider Group companies are committed to implementing measures to achieve specific goals in relation to the social and environmental impact of their products. This has been possible thanks to a significant economic investment coupled with a heightened environmental awareness.

industry 4.0

Factory of the future

Industry 4.0, with its focus on new technical solutions and technological transformations, brings with it the creation of innovative manufacturing plants that are more efficient and eco-friendlier without compromising on quality and performance.

At Eusider Group we have embraced the so-called “twin transition” by investing in revamping our plant and machinery and purchasing new machines that are more efficient, safer to use and less energy intensive.

Sustainability report

At Eusider Group we published two sustainability reports for the 2021 and 2022 financial years. These are meant to share our sustainability efforts with all our stakeholders by emphasising the collective nature of such efforts and by detailing all the social and environmental initiatives undertaken by the group.
Download the 2021 sustainability report
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