Firmly focused


The Eusider business model

At Eusider Group, being firmly focused means that we form a central element in the steel supply chain and we always strive to prove ourselves a reliable and competent partner across both sides of the production process, acting as a connecting bridge between plants and industry users. As such, we forge connections that are not only important but also strategic.

Our ways of working are deeply informed by our customers’ needs, by a commitment to growing and developing our workforce, and by an eco-conscious attitude.

the supply chain

Our production process is firmly focused on meeting the needs of the suppliers’ and those of the customers. As a competent steel service centre that can offer an incredible range of bespoke fabrications, we are in a position to constantly grow together with the other stakeholders in the supply chain.

the people

What makes Eusider Group a strong and well-positioned business in the steel market is a robust team synergy. We are a close-knit and dynamic group and as such we are best-placed to offer as many services and fabrications as there can possibly be. The knowledge and experience that all the group’s stakeholders bring to the table are at the heart of our business model, which is based on the valuable contribution of our workforce and on experience-based know-how.


Environmental and sustainability issues are at the heart of Eusider Group’s business operations, which are always geared to finding ways of reducing our waste and emissions. The 2021 and 2022 sustainability reports are a testament to our constant commitment to improve our practices in this regard.
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