High-yield steel

Grades: from HC260LA to HC420LA.
Heat treatments: hardening, annealing.
Special tolerances and mechanical properties are available upon request.

Internal diameter: 400 mm or 500 mm
External diameters: recommended dimensions

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superficie - MA o MBdiametro interno - 400 mm o 500 mm
finitura sup. - RL lucida RM opaca o rivestitadiametro esterno - misure preferenziali- mm 1650/1750 (peso in Kg 16/18 per larghezza in mm)
- mm 1150/1300 (peso in Kg 7,3/8,8 per larghezza in mm)
- mm 850/1000 (peso in Kg 3,6/4,4 per larghezza in mm)
- mm 730/770 (peso in Kg 2,5 per larghezza in mm)su richiesta forniamo nastri con diametri esterni con dimensioni diverse dalle preferenziali
surface - MA or MBinternal diameter - 400 mm or 500 mm
finishing - RL smooth RM satin or coatedexternal diameter - preferential measures- mm 1650/1750 (for weight in Kq 16/18 for width in mm)l
- mm 1150/1300 (for weight in Kg 7,3/8,8 for width in mm) |
- mm 850/1000 (for weight in Kg 3,6/4,4 for width in mm)
- mm 730/770 (for weight in Kg 2,5 for width in mm)upon request we can supply coils with different external diameter
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