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A new milestone in EUSIDER Group


After the goal of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in all the companies of the Group in accordance with a "corporate" model, a choice that has allowed important and profitable synergies between the company functions and quality managers, another step has been successfully concluded the latest certification process in Comal Ferlatta S.p.A.

Comal Ferlatta S.p.A., a service center with over 30 years of activity in cutting, processing and trade of steel material and part of the EUSIDER group, has achieved the IATF 16949:2016 standard that is the main certificate in the automotive sector.
This specific standard of the automotive sector is a key point in the quality management system for this type of market/product and was developed by the International Automotive Task Force - IATF - an association that collects together the main European and international car makers.

The standard provides for the development of a quality management system strongly oriented towards processes and continuous improvement, the prevention of errors and the reduction of waste in the supply chain.
This project is an integral part of a business development plan started a few years ago and which aims to specialize the companies that are part of EUSIDER Group on markets and products with high added value and to satisfy, in an increasingly effective and efficient way, Customer Specific Requirements (CSR).

Despite the new threat of COVID-19, the path of strengthening in the Quality Management Systems continues in the EUSIDER Group, to start all together more prepared for the challenges of the market when this difficult period will be finally behind us.

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