Who we are

The founders: the brothers Antonio and Eufrasio Anghileri

A commitment of four generations

Eusider was founded in 1979 by the two brothers Eufrasio and Antonio Anghileri with the collaboration of Angelo Carcianiga. Eufrasio and Antonio have given a new governance to the company created by their grandfather at the beginning of the 1900’s, launching it to a leadership role.
The business has always stayed in the family ever since, and today Eufrasio and Antonio’s sons have entered the business, making them the fourth generation to carry on the family principles and values.

Today Eusider Group is a complex, dynamic, forward-looking. The different companies that make it up are active in specific segments and processes, in order to offer products and services dedicated customers at highly competitive terms.

The fourth generation: Maria and Giacomino Anghileri


250.000 sm - Covered
350.000 tons - Prompt delivery
1.500.000 tons sold