Eusider style

The historical evolution of Eusider Group has been characterized by the ability to forecast and adapt to the ever changing scenarios of client industries without losing the original identity and the values behind. Eusider has been always applying strict principles of seriousness, fairness and professionalism, which now are the basis of its reputation.

Partnerships with customers and suppliers
to grow together

Eusider purchases steel from the most important steel mills, controls the quality of the steel, and stocks the steel products in its 15 plants located in strategic nodes. Steel products are then traded and processed according to industries and customers’
Thanks to its strong experience as a hub that connects steel producers to steel users, Eusider occupies a privileged position that makes it able to interpret the evolution of both the supply and the demand of steel, and hence to integrate the two perspectives to offer customers the best tailor-made solutions.

From basis processing
to steel

Eusider Group has a large product portfolio organized in breath and depth in terms of both materials (steel, stainless steel, and aluminium) and products (coils, heavy plates, tubes and chromed bars, round bars). Products are processed according to applications tailor-made for specific industries.
Steel and aluminium are essential for life and movement on the earth. They contribute to build the present and shape the future. Their quality, shapes, sizes, productions help many applications in everyday life: from the chair on which we sit to the bridge, we cross with our cars to the plane, we take to fly to new destinations. Eusider is a protagonist of this world: its experience built in almost a century, its strong growth, its size are a guarantee for all cutomers who look at the future with energy and trust.

Each customer
is the most
important customer

Eusider’s business model is based on the high availability of steel products, and on their fast delivery in any quantity at very competitive conditions.
All customers, independent on their size, receive the same attention and dedication.
Deep knowledge of the steel market, fast response, delivery flexibility, guaranteed service, competitive conditions: these are Eusider’s traits.