Eusider Group

Eusider is a group made of 9 companies (Eusider SpA, Metall Steel Metaltubi Srl, Iron Service Srl, Lima Eusider Srl, Comal Ferlatta SpA, Bidue Eusider Srl, Eusider Inox Srl, Eusider Tinplate Srl, Eusider Marocco Srl).

Eusider SpA – 100% owned by the Anghileri family – controls each company, in order to oversee the managing to assure the customers harmonised quality standards and the service guarantee.

Each company of the group specializes in particular products, transformations, sectors, in order to offer the customer a complete range of solutions designed in funtion of their needs:

» Eusider SpA, with main headquarters in Costa Masnaga (LC), is a big steel service centre specialized in automotive and home appliances sectors.

» Metall Steel Metaltubi Srl, with main headquarters in Bagnatica (BG), specialized in processing and trading od seamless, welded and cold rolled pipes and processing of chromed bars.

» Iron Service Srl, with headquarters in Ravenna (RA), specialized in pickling and flattening of coils.

» Lima Eusider Srl, with a headquarters in Desio (MB), specialized in coils cold rerolling and a headquarters in Albignasego (PD).

» Comal Ferlatta SpA, with headquarters in Cologno al Serio (BG), specialized in coils processing, especially for automotive sector.

» Bidue Eusider Srl, out of its facility in Melara (RO) Italy, produces and sells worldwide high precision steel tubes.

» Eusider Inox Srl, with headquarters in Castelnovo di Sotto (RE), specialized in stainless steel trading.

» Eusider Tinplate Srl, dedicated to the marketing of tinplate.

» Eusider Marocco Srl


150.000 sm – Covered
350.000 tons – Prompt delivery
1.150.000 tons sold